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The Banned Man – The Gantt Report

AFRICANGLOBE - Almost every day someone is “banned” from a social media site. Black religious leaders, Black community activists and even some Black journalists are prohibited from different web sites, publications broadcast programs. However, owners of social and other media outlets don’t ban their own! White supremacists don’t ban the ku klux klan. Nazis don’t ban neo-nazis. Nationalist media outlets don’t ban imperialists.

Obama Quietly Signs Propaganda Act To Counter ‘Fake News’

AFRICANGLOBE - Fake news and propaganda driven by government’s and corporations is of course, nothing new. The political elite want to crack down on what they view is fake news — which essentially amounts to pretty much anything that they disagree with or what doesn’t fit with their own world view and the outcomes desired. Long, hard, fought-for civil liberties and rights, along with free expression will be handed to organisations, approved by government who are convinced we shouldn’t have those rights in the first place.

Facebook Cracks Down On ‘Fake News’

AFRICANGLOBE - Facebook is taking new measures to curb the spread of "fake news" on its huge and influential social network. It will focus on the “worst of the worst” offenders and partner with outside fact-checkers and news organizations to sort honest news reports from alleged made-up stories that play to people’s passions and preconceived notions.