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Beginning of End for Omar Hassan Al-Bashir?

Student-led demonstrations coupled with growing frustration among sections of Sudan's broader population provide the strongest indications yet of a real push for regime change,...

Nile Dam: Water Wars Averted for Now

When Ethiopia’s plan to dam the Blue Nile grew grander within a month of the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak, it did not go...

Increase Intra-Africa Trade

Traders in the East African Community (EAC) are already feeling the pinch of uncertainties in the global economy with demand for regional exports slowing...

Zanzibar Targets 500,000 Tourists

Zanzibar is targeting to record 500,000 tourist visits by 2020, President Ali Mohamed Shein said on Monday. "Everyone has a role in promoting tourism, our...

Both Sides Claiming Victory in Egyptian Election

A campaign spokesman for the former Egyptian prime minister says Ahmed Shafik has won the Egyptian presidential election, countering the Muslim Brotherhood's claims that...

Rwanda: Tourism Revenue Benefits Park Communities

As part of the revenue sharing scheme, the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) has spent Rwf 1.4 billion on the community projects since 2005 in...

Nigerian President Optimistic in State of the Nation Address

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan believes the West African country has "made appreciable progress in the last one year" under his stewardship. In his review of...

African Intellectuals Caution Govt’s on Signing EPAs With Europe

The signing of Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) must be based on Africa's integration priorities and not dictated by Europe's interests, a continental forum heard...

Muslim Brother to Face Mubarak-Era PM in Egypt’s Presidential Run-Off

The Muslim Brotherhood's Mohamed Moursi will face off against Mubarak-era prime minister Ahmed Shafiq in the second round of Egypt's presidential election, according to...

Nigerian Govt Signs U.S.1 Billion Mining Deal with Foreign Investors

In a move that will further diversify Nigeria's economy from the oil sector and kick-start an industrial revolution, the federal government yesterday signed a...

Zambia Records Another Trade Surplus

Zambia has recorded a trade surplus for March 2012 valued at K79.6 billion representing an increase of about 68.1 per cent from K47.4 billion...

Nigerian Govt Renews Commitment to Diversify Economy

Nigeria's federal government has renewed its commitment to diversifying the nation's economy to ensure the country depends less on crude oil as its major...

Total’s Usan Raises the Bar Despite Increasing Theft in Nigeria

With the start-up of crude oil production at offshore Total's Usan deepwater field, Nigeria's crude oil production received a boost in the first quarter...

Angola: Sow where you reap

The Angolan government can encourage the oil industry to create positive spillovers for local industry, but not all local ownership leads 
to employment growth. For...

Nigerian Economy Third Fastest Growing in the World

Despite security challenge posed by the Boko Haram sect and other issues, Nigeria's economy recorded an unprecedented growth as it is said to be...

Iran Sanction – Spain Switches to Nigeria for Oil Imports

Spain's crude imports from Iran dropped in January, while its supplies from Nigeria increased from 636,000 tonnes in December 2011 to 838,000 tonnes in...