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Report – European Firms Funding Civil War In Central African Republic

AFRICANGLOBE - European firms and governments are playing a significant role in the funding of conflict in the Central African Republic through aid and the timber trade, according to a new report. The NGO Global Witness has calculated that in 2013, around 3.4 million euros was paid to rebels as bribes, to pass roadblocks, for armed escorts and for the protection of logging sites.

More U.N. Soldiers Accused Of Raping Children In Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - United Nations peacekeepers have been accused of sexually abusing street children in the Central African Republic capital of Bangui and an investigation has been launched by the country that contributed the troops, a UN spokesman said on Tuesday.

UN Orders Probe Into Its Response To The Rape Of African...

AFRICANGLOBE - The UN has come under fire for failing to act after it prepared an initial 2014 report into child sexual abuse committed by soldiers from France between December 2013 and June 2014. UN officials documented cases in May and June 2014 of children as young as nine who were forced to perform oral sex in exchange for food from French troops at a camp for displaced people in the Central African Republic

French Soldiers Sexually Abused Children In Central African Republic

AFRICANGLOBE - The leaked report contains interviews with six children, who were sexually abused by French soldiers. Some indicated that several of their friends were also sexually assaulted. Young boys accused French soldiers of having raped and abused them “in exchange for food” or money.

French Soldiers Under Probe For Raping African Children

AFRICANGLOBE - France is investigating allegations that its "peacekeepers" sexually-abused children in the Central African Republic after a leaked UN report said victims as young as eight were raped in exchange for food and money.

UN Report: French Soldiers Raped African Children

AFRICANGLOBE - Some of the French soldiers alleged to have sexually abused children in Central African Republic while there on peacekeeping duties have been identified, a French judicial source said on Thursday. The matter came to light this week when Britain's Guardian newspaper said it had acquired a U.N. report that raised allegations of the rape of young boys by French troops.

UN Report Accuses French Soldiers Of Raping African Children In CAR

AFRICANGLOBE - Britain's Guardian newspaper said it had acquired a U.N. report that first raised allegations of the rape of young boys by French troops. A French judicial source said the prosecutor's office had received that report in July 2014, and had asked for assistance from Central African authorities in investigating whether there had been abuse of minors.

French Troops Seen As Villains In Central African Republic

AFRICANGLOBE - Six months after being welcomed as saviours in the Central African Republic, the 2,000 French soldiers in the country face growing hostility from a population accusing them of failing to curb interfaith violence.

Chad And France Making Things Worse In Central African Republic

AFRICANGLOBE - Central African Republic was a French colony until 1960. France sent 1,600 troops to the country in December, when the violence first escalated. As of February, the number has risen to 2,000. When France first sent troops, the Associated Press noted that the "image of France as the gendarme of Africa is hard to erase.

Joseph Kony Now Dressed Up As Africa’s Bin Laded

AFRICANGLOBE - President Obama orchestrated the Joseph Kony hysteria of 2011 as an excuse to send at least 100 US Special Forces troops to the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, the Central African Republic and the new state of South Sudan. The tempo of US military occupation of Africa quickens by the day. Seizing every real and manufactured crisis as an opportunity, Washington has created a continental infrastructure that has already reduced most African armies to appendages of US foreign policy, dependencies of the Pentagon.

Africa Is Still Colonized By France – A Must Read

AFRICANGLOBE - Did you know that many countries in Africa pay a colonial tax to France up until this day? We are talking a minimum of 50 years since “independence” all round. But let’s be fair, the French have form in this kind of thing, so let’s go a little further back in time to see why it shouldn’t surprise anyone.

France Deploys More Troops To Central African Republic

AFRICANGLOBE - France has announced plans to increase its 1,600-strong military deployment in the Central African Republic by sending an additional 400 soldiers, as political and sectarian unrest continues to tear apart the African country.

What’s Really Behind France’s Sudden Scramble To “Save Central Africa”

AFRICANGLOBE - The United Nations Security Council has announced sanctions against the Central African Republic (CAR) and has also given the French a big green light to use its military, as well as spearhead African Union forces in order to put down violence and restore “security, law and order” in the former French colony.

UN Approves Use Of Force By EU Troops In Central African...

AFRICANGLOBE - The UN Security Council has unanimously approved a resolution allowing European Union troops to use force in the Central African Republic and threatening sanctions against those blamed for the country's strife. The EU has pledged 500 troops to help African and French forces already in the country trying to end clashes between rival Christian and Muslim militias.

U.S. Interventionism In Africa Makes Colonialism Look Progressive, Empowers China

AFRICANGLOBE - Given the changing realities, the U.S. and France are playing with fire in Africa. Not since the peak of the colonial era has Western interventionism in African affairs been so intrusive and so damaging to the long-term interests and well being of the African peoples and their lands.

France, Chad, Gaddafi And The Central African Republic

AFRICANGLOBE - For French Ambassador Gerard Araud to say that France misunderstood how much Central Africans "desperately want to kill each other" is mendacious and a cover for the results of their decades of mercenary interference in CAR along with neighbouring states like Libya and Chad.