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France Makes So Much Money Plundering Africa It Could Become The...

AFRICANGLOBE - For centuries, France was a global powerhouse, permeating its will over five continents. Since those imperial days, it has lost considerable ground in its former domains. Only in Africa did France retain its hold, owing to the monetary system that was put in place. In the decade after World War II, President François Mitterand was quoted saying: “Without Africa, France will have no history in the 21st century.” Like a foretelling coming true, it is precisely because of Africa that modern-day France is returning as the global force it once was. And it’s using the soft power attributes of language to cement its hegemony.

CFA Franc – The Currency France Use To Plunder Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - The drawbacks of Africa's CFA Franc currencies are being more hotly disputed than ever before. Some Africans see it as a colonial hangover. Voices calling for the abandonment of the French-back CFA franc, used in West and Central Africa by 14 countries - 12 of them former French colonies - seem to be growing louder.

Europe Falling Apart: France Recalls Its Ambassador To Italy

AFRICANGLOBE - Now the European powers are all pouring hundreds of billions of euros into their military machines. While Macron said last year that Europe must be ready to fight Russia, China or the United States, the European powers are also preparing to fight each other. As Britain prepares to leave the EU next month, the EU is in chaos. Bitter divisions persist in Berlin, the dominant EU power, over foreign policy.