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The Wealthiest African Leaders Of 2015

AFRICANGLOBE - Dos Santos has been the President of Angola for 36 years and holds major stakes in government assets, especially oil. His daughter, Isabel Dos Santos, is famous for being one of the richest women in Africa and is herself worth more than $3 billion.

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari To Visit Niger, Chad In First Trip

AFRICANGLOBE - Nigeria's new president, Muhammadu Buhari, will embark on his first official trip overseas this week when he travels to neighbouring Niger and Chad to discuss the fight against Boko Haram, his spokesman said on Monday.

Africa’s New Oil: Power And Future Fortunes

AFRICANGLOBE - Anyone who has kept half an eye on African current affairs over the last 5 years will be familiar with news stories saying that one country or another is about to become the next big thing.

African Solution: Chad Sending Troops To Help Fight Boko Haram

AFRICANGLOBE - Chad President Idriss Deby Itno "has decided to send a large contingent of Chadian armed forces to help the Cameroonian Armed Forces facing...repeated attacks from the Boko Haram terrorist sect,"

Chad Receiving MiG-29s

AFRICANGLOBE - Chad has acquired MiG-29 fighter jets from the Ukraine, with the first of three aircraft seen flying in Chadian colours. Chad has in recent years expanded its air force, and is currently receiving two C-27J Spartan transports from Alenia Aeronautica.

Chad And France Making Things Worse In Central African Republic

AFRICANGLOBE - Central African Republic was a French colony until 1960. France sent 1,600 troops to the country in December, when the violence first escalated. As of February, the number has risen to 2,000. When France first sent troops, the Associated Press noted that the "image of France as the gendarme of Africa is hard to erase.

Libya Accused of Training Mercenaries to Attack Chad

AFRICANGLOBE - Idriss Deby, the president of Chad, has accused neighbouring Libya of not doing enough to stop Chadian "mercenaries" he says are being trained in western Libya. Speaking on Saturday, Deby said the fighters had set up a training camp in Benghazi from where they could seek to destabilise his country.

Chad: Don’t Welcome a War Criminal – Sudanese Defense Minister Should...

AFRICANGLOBE - The government of Chad should arrest Abdelraheem Mohammed Hussein, the defense minister of Sudan, Human Rights Watch said today. He is expected to attend a conference in Chad on April 25 and 26, 2013, according to news reports.

After Attacking Mali Arabs Preparing Assault On Chad

AFRICANGLOBE - Chadian rebels said they would take up arms again against President Idriss Deby after he failed to negotiate with them since they agreed to stop fighting more than two years ago. The Union of Forces of Resistance (UFR), a rebel coalition, put down their weapons after Chad and Sudan agreed to end their proxy wars in 2010 by ceasing their support for insurgents in each other's country.

French Court Jails Couple For Kidnapping African Children

AFRICANGLOBE - In France, the trial of six members of a French charity convicted in Chad for trying to kidnap over 100 children finished on Wednesday. Lawyers for defendants in the dock argued that they had been mesmerised by a charismatic cult leader.

Oil Wealth Brings Superficial Changes to Chad

It has been two years since I was last in Chad after a long stint as a correspondent in London. Not long enough to...