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Chadians Rally For Army Move Against Boko Haram

AFRICANGLOBE - Tens of thousands of people rallied in the capital of Chad on Saturday in support of the authorities' decision to send troops to fight Boko Haram terrorists who are plaguing Nigeria.

After Attacking Mali Arabs Preparing Assault On Chad

AFRICANGLOBE - Chadian rebels said they would take up arms again against President Idriss Deby after he failed to negotiate with them since they agreed to stop fighting more than two years ago. The Union of Forces of Resistance (UFR), a rebel coalition, put down their weapons after Chad and Sudan agreed to end their proxy wars in 2010 by ceasing their support for insurgents in each other's country.

Northern Mali: Chadian Soldiers Join Their Brothers In Battle

AFRICANGLOBE - If the Arabs in northern Mali are fanatics, in a few days they will find Africans in the desert who are even crazier than they are," warned one of the soldiers from the Chadian contingent. The Chadian army has experience fighting in a desert climate, suppressing numerous internal rebellions in an arid environment identical to that of northern Mali. Chad also fought and won a border war with Libya between 1983 and 1987.