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African Solution: Chad Sending Troops To Help Fight Boko Haram

AFRICANGLOBE - Chad President Idriss Deby Itno "has decided to send a large contingent of Chadian armed forces to help the Cameroonian Armed Forces facing...repeated attacks from the Boko Haram terrorist sect,"

African Armies are Better Than You Think

AFRICANGLOBE - France's intervention to chase Arab terrorists from northern Mali in July has caused many African politicians and military leaders to question the state of Africa's armed forces. Governments face a series of new threats – from piracy to Arab-style terrorism – and militaries are changing in order to build up new regional and continental forces.

Chadian Troops Secure Kidal, Last Terrorist Stronghold In Mali

AFRICANGLOBE - Chadian troops swarmed into the desert town of Kidal in northeastern Mali on Tuesday, securing the last terrorist bastion as global players met in Brussels to carve out a path back to stability for the troubled west African nation. The French defence ministry said 1,800 Chadian troops had entered Kidal to “secure” the Saharan outpost, after days of air strikes in the surrounding mountains where Arab terrorists are believed to be hiding