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The Case for African History Month

AFRICANGLOBE - During the 17th and 18th centuries, history was written by the Europeans that was mostly, distortions and misconceptions in order to justify and maintained their world dominance. Therefore, it's important for Africans from all walks of life to relearn history from their own perspective.

It’s Time For Black People To Start Practicing Group Economics

it is time to state once again that when it comes to promoting and protecting our individual and group interests in this country, we, as Black people, have an extremely powerful-- not influential-- but powerful weapon which we don’t effectively use.

Dr. Chancellor James Williams

AFRICANGLOBE - Dr. Chancellor James Williams (1898-1992) was an African American sociologist, historian and writer. Of the recent towering figures in the struggle to completely eradicate the pervasive racial myths clinging to the origins of Nile Valley Civilization, few scholars have had the impact of Dr. Chancellor James Williams.

Top 10 Myths About Black America – A Must Read

AFRICANGLOBE - Black America, If you haven’t read the works of Chancellor Williams of George James, you may still be amongst the thinking Blacks who realize that misinformation about the standing of Africans and Black America has been the order of the day for centuries.