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Africans Helping Africans: Group Aims to Invest in Changing Africa

An innovative new organization called Africans in the Diaspora (AiD) has been created to combine the resources of Africans around the globe to change the way...

Top 15 Things Obama and Romney Agree On

Republicans and Democrats, like Obama and Romney are of one mind on many more things than they disagree about. From war and empire to...

London Riots: A Missed Opportunity For Real Change

Anniversaries force us to reflect on moments of tragedy or triumph, and these memories are often framed around questions of change: has anything changed...

Nigeria: Big Problems, an Even Bigger Future

Whether by accident or design, Nigeria is destined to become Africa's largest economy. The kind of economic growth it will experience in the coming...

Opposition Parties Unites for Regime Change in Sudan

Leaders of Sudan's mainstream opposition parties managed on Wednesday to sign the Democratic Alternative Charter (DAC) which unequivocally adopts the goal of regime change...

Open Letter to George Clooney From Sudan

An open letter to actor George Clooney from Sudan Change Now: Dear Mr. George Clooney, We are very pleased to see the efforts that you are...

Civil Society Snub Zuma’s African Agri-Solution

South African President Jacob Zuma's declaration on "climate smart and carbon markets" as a climate change solution for African agriculture has raised suspicions among roughly 100 civil society organisations at the COP17 conference in Durban.

Africans See Opportunities Beyond Climate Change Challenges

As the world gathers in the South African City of Durban for the biggest annual summit to review and take stock of the collective decisions on fighting climate change, the global gaze is turning to Africa and how the continent is coming to terms with a changing climate.

Africa – 'Ideal for the Development of a Real Economy'

Foreign direct investment in Africa over the last decade has contributed to marked economic growth for the continent but it has not translated into development for its people, says pan-African leaders.

Food Security Gets Research Boost in East Africa

A consortium of East African institutes is researching new seed varieties better suited to dry areas to combat the effects of climate change in the region.

Split Erupts Within Fijian Military Regime

Bainimarama and ethnic Indian seized power in December 2006, ousting a civilian government that was democratically elected and consisted of mostly native black fijians.