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The Problem With The ‘White Saviour Complex’ In Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - A caption on renowned innovator and social change advocator, TMS Ruge’s Facebook page aptly captures the frustration that most Africans and Black people feel when certain [White] individuals define charity and their all-around good intentions as human beings by a ‘visit’ to the underprivileged in Africa. Although the actions of these individuals are not necessarily the issue, those actions result in highlighting an even bigger social issue surrounding racism in Africa which appears to be modifying. No thanks to the individuals with the ‘white saviour complex.’

Red Cross Builds Just Six Houses With $500 Million After Haiti...

AFRICANGLOBE - The Red Cross has been called to account for its operation in Haiti, after reports emerged claiming that the charity had built just six houses in the impoverished country since the January 2010 earthquake, despite raising almost half a billion dollars in donations.