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Charles Ramsey Now Broke and Homeless After Being Fired

AFRICANGLOBE - Two months after he became a national hero for helping to rescue three Cleveland women held captive for a decade, Charles Ramsey said he's now broke and homeless. Ramsey said he was fired from his job working in a kitchen because customers kept coming in to shake his hand.

Ohio Kidnapping Victims Thank Everyone Except Charles Ramsey Who Rescued Them

The three Ohio kidnapping victims who were held captive for a decade have spoken publicly for the first time since their dramatic rescue, thanking the public for their support and respecting their privacy. However there was no mention of Charles Ramsey the man who is responsible for rescuing them from years of rape and torture.

Charles Ramsey Does Not Want Your Burgers Or Any Kind Of...

AFRICANGLOBE - Charles Ramsey saved the lives of three innocent women and a small girl held in captivity for up to ten years, the man is a hero but somehow people just cant seem to stop bashing and insulting his character.

It’s No Longer Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood … it’s Mr. Ramsey’s

AFRICANGLOBE - Charles Ramsey has been the butt of lots of jokes because of his appearance, his animated interviews and later the reports that he had a checkered past. But when his neighbors needed him, he was there. The woman that ran to his arms might not have given him the time of day if she’d seen him on the street and neither would a lot of us.

Charles Ramsey: The Media Apparently Has No Idea How To Deal...

AFRICANGLOBE - We all fell in love with Charles Ramsey after watching his interview because it portrays an honesty, sincerity and openness that is hard to come by today. Instead, however, some bloggers have tried to spin love for Charles Ramsey’s earnestness into a love for Black stereotypes.

Amanda Berry And The Missing White Woman Syndrome

AFRICANGLOBE - Unlike Amanda Berry Nearly half of those individuals who go missing in the U.S. are not White - though one might not know that from the news coverage. Among media critics this is known as the Missing White Woman Syndrome.