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If Charles Taylor Is A War Criminal, So Is Bush, Obama,...

AFRICANGLOBE - “Whereas Liberian president Charles Taylor was accused of encouraging the slaughter of possibly 50 000 people in Sierra Leone, Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton have armed, financed and protected the killers of six million people — 120 times as many fatalities — in the eastern Congo.”

Charles Taylor to Spend the Rest of His Life in Prison

The Special Court for Sierra Leone has sentenced former Liberian president Charles Taylor to 50 years' imprisonment for aiding and abetting war crimes in...

Prosecute George Bush Too Says Charles Taylor

Former Liberian President Charles Taylor, now convicted of war crimes and crimes against humanity in relations to atrocities committed in Sierra Leone, has stressed...

Prosecutor Recommends Taylor Gets 80 Years for War Crimes

Prosecutors in the trial of former Liberian President Charles Taylor have said that he should be handed an 80-year sentence following his war crimes...

Former Liberian President Found Guilty of War Crimes

In a tense courtroom in The Hague today, Charles Taylor became the first former president to be convicted by a modern international tribunal. He...

Charles Taylor and the CIA, Former Liberian President Was a CIA...

Two very significant and interconnected events happened this week in Liberia - President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was inaugurated for a second term with a subdued opposition attending the ceremonies, and former Liberian President Charles Taylor was implicated in a Boston Globe article for serving as a CIA informant beginning in the early 1980s and spanning many decades.