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South Carolina Will Seek Death Penalty For Dylann Roof

AFRICANGLOBE - The chief prosecutor in Charleston, South Carolina will seek the death penalty for Dylann Roof, the white supremacist charged with murdering nine members of a historic African-American church.

Churches With Guns

AFRICANGLOBE - The Charleston church massacre brought the issue of security in Black churches to the forefront. Here’s what some churches are doing to meet the challenge of securing their religious spaces.

No, ‘Je Suis Charleston’?: The De-Politicization Of Black Oppression

AFRICANGLOBE - Where was the worldwide revulsion at the racist terror attack in Charleston? “Obama sang ‘Amazing Grace’ and lulled into a stupefying silence Black voices that should have demanded answers as to why the Charleston attack was not considered a terrorist attack, even though it fit the definition of domestic terrorism.” As a result, “the political space for international solidarity with the plight of African Americans was significantly reduced.”

American Militarism And The Charleston Massacre

AFRICANGLOBE - The murder of nine African-American men and women in a Charleston, South Carolina church on Wednesday night is an event that raises many troubling questions. Millions of people, in America and worldwide, want a deeper explanation than the superficial nostrums offered by the media and official political circles. The initial media characterisations of senseless violence by a mentally disturbed individual explain nothing.

Two Men From Charleston – The Gantt Report

AFRICANGLOBE - It is no surprise to me that worshipers at the church in South Carolina that had Denmark Vesey as one of its founders was the place chosen by a white racist to be the place where he would murder innocent Black people. Most of us are church people like Denmark Vesey was but we know oftentimes “proper limits” might have to be exceeded in order to right a wrong in South Carolina or in any other place in the world. Sometimes marching and praying might not be all that needs to be done.

NRA Blames Charleston Shooting Victims For Their Own Deaths

AFRICANGLOBE - The NRA, the largest and most powerful gun advocacy group in the world, typically mutes itself after mass shootings, and demands that others follow suit out of respect for the dead. Board member Charles Cotton, however, strayed from the script late on Thursday, when he posted a comment online blaming the pastor killed in the South Carolina shooting, Clementa Pinckney, for the death of his eight congregants.

White Terrorist Savage Murder Nine People At Black Church

AFRICANGLOBE - A 21-year-old white terrorist with a criminal record killed nine people at a Bible-study meeting in a historic African-American church in Charleston, South Carolina, in an attack U.S. officials are investigating as a hate crime.

The Memorial Day History Forgot: The Martyrs Of The Race

AFRICANGLOBE - AFRICANGLOBE - A pencil drawing and a grainy photo in the Library of Congress are all that is left of the cemetery where 257 Union soldiers were buried after the Civil War on what had been a race course in Charleston, South Carolina. Nor has much been written about the memorial celebration held by more than 10,000 mostly newly freed Blacks, which was one of the first, if not the first memorial held for those who fought to end slavery.