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Islamist Constitution ‘A Defeat for the Egyptian People’

AFRICANGLOBE - A majority of Egyptians backed a controversial charter in a two-round referendum, that deeply polarised the country and riled a secular-leaning opposition, ruling Islamists and official media said on Sunday. The Muslim Brotherhood, from which President Mohamed Morsi hails, and the official Al-Ahram newspaper reported that about 64 percent of votes cast were in favour of the new charter

The NAACP and Gay Marriage – a Must Read Article

Those who have followed my writings over the years know that I am not very fond of the modern day NAACP. They have strayed...

Limbaugh On “Persecution Of Blacks In America”: “What Persecution Would That...

Rush Limbaugh is dismissing the notion that racial minorities face persecution. Limbaugh was discussing a campaign stop Mitt Romney made on May 24 at a...

New Era for Democracy in Africa

After five years of campaigning, the African Charter on Democracy Elections and Governance (ACDEG) will finally come into force in February after Cameroon became the 15th country to officially deposit its instruments of ratification - following swiftly on the heels of Niger (November 2011), and Guinea-Bissau and Nigeria (January 2012).

Detroit’s Catherine Ferguson Academy to Become Private Owned Charter School

On June 16, in the face of growing anger and popular opposition to the closure of Catherine Ferguson Academy (CFA), the Detroit political establishment announced that the school would be transformed into a for-profit charter school.

How the Corporate Right Divided Blacks from Teachers Unions and Each...

Cory Booker and other hustlers were the ‘new Black leaders’ ready to embrace “pro-business” solutions to inner city problems, said corporate media boosters.