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South Africa: Check – For The Lies & More Damn Lies

AFRICANGLOBE - President Jacob Zuma will have South Africans believe the gap between rich and poor is narrowing. Tim Harris, the opposition's shadow minister of finance, said the gap is widening and the president is talking nonsense. Who’s right and who’s wrong? Thanks to a new fact-checking service called Africa Check, people who love the truth can find out.

Romney Wins Florida: Gingrich Uses “Grand Wizard” Tactics

AFRICANGLOBE - The wife-cheating racial arsonist Newt Gingrich lost the Florida primary 46% to 32% to Mitt Romney Yesterday. Still, Gingrich has promised to stay in the race right until the Republican Convention in August. After all, there are still 46 states to go and hundreds of electoral delegates at stake. Romney won the 50 Florida delegates under a winner-take-all formula.