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Remember That Genocide In Darfur?: Sudan’s Arab Govt Now Using Chemical...

AFRICANGLOBE - A new report from Amnesty International accuses the Sudanese government of launching chemical weapons attacks against civilians in the western region of Darfur, causing the deaths of an estimated 200-250 people – and wounding hundreds more – from exposure since January 2016.

Chemical Weapons Hypocrisy: U.S. Aided Iraqi Nerve Attacks Decades Before Outrage...

AFRICANGLOBE - Picture this: an Arab country uses chemical weapons in an indiscriminate manner. The attacks kill and injure at least hundreds of people. No, it’s not Syria in 2013--it’s Iraq in the 1980s, and the U.S. was complicit in the attacks.

John Kerry’s “Colin Powell Moment”

AFRICANGLOBE - Recently, US Secretary of State John Kerry appeared on national television to deliver a lying statement aimed at preparing public opinion for an impending US-NATO attack on Syria. It was his very own “Colin Powell moment.”

Pretext for War: Obama Lies About Syrian Chemical Weapons

AFRICANGLOBE - In a statement issued Thursday, the Obama administration has declared that the Syrian regime of President Bashar al-Assad has violated “international norms” by using chemical weapons on multiple occasions over the past year.