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‘Horrific’ Video Shows Chicago Cops Executing Paul O’Neal

AFRICANGLOBE - Videos from the fatal shooting of teenager Paul O'Neal by Chicago police show officers firing into a car that was being driven away from them and, later, officers handcuffing O'Neal as he lay wounded behind a home.

Chicago Police Investigator Fired For Not Covering Up Police Killings

AFRICANGLOBE - On July 19, Lorenzo Davis, a former supervisor for Chicago’s Independent Police Review Authority (IPRA), was fired for failing to falsely exonerate three officers who had killed innocent civilians.

Chicago Cops Pose Over Black Man Wearing Antlers In ‘Disgusting’ Photo

AFRICANGLOBE - The Chicago Police Department is under fire from severe criticism after a photo was released that may have never been meant for public eyes. The photo shows two white police officers, holding rifles, standing over a Black man laying on his stomach, but with deer antlers attached to his head as if he is a dead deer.