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R. Kelly Charged With 10 Counts Of Criminal Sexual Abuse

AFRICANGLOBE - The R. Kelly case was presented to a grand jury and now the singer has been hit with 10 separate counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse.

Remembering Fred Hampton, A Giant Among Men

AFRICANGLOBE - I remember Fred Hampton.  For the last year of his life, which was the whole time I knew him, he was Deputy Chairman of the Illinois Chapter of the Black Panther Party.  Fred was a big man whose inexhaustible energy, keen insight and passionate commitment to the struggle made him seem even larger still.  We called him Chairman Fred.  Chairman Fred was murdered by the FBI and Chicago Police Department in the pre-dawn hours of December 4, 1969.  He was just 21 years old.  Fred’s family and comrades mourned him for a little while and have celebrated his life of struggle, service, intensity and sacrifice ever since.

Chicago Police Investigator Fired For Not Covering Up Police Killings

AFRICANGLOBE - On July 19, Lorenzo Davis, a former supervisor for Chicago’s Independent Police Review Authority (IPRA), was fired for failing to falsely exonerate three officers who had killed innocent civilians.

Chicago Cops Pose Over Black Man Wearing Antlers In ‘Disgusting’ Photo

AFRICANGLOBE - The Chicago Police Department is under fire from severe criticism after a photo was released that may have never been meant for public eyes. The photo shows two white police officers, holding rifles, standing over a Black man laying on his stomach, but with deer antlers attached to his head as if he is a dead deer.

Serving New Masters: Black Pastors Endorse Jesus Garcia In Chicago Mayor’s...

AFRICANGLOBE - In another blow to the campaign of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, a group of African American ministers and faith leaders gave a full-throated endorsement of Cook County Commissioner Jesus "Chuy" Garcia. The group was lead by the Reverend Jesse Jackson Sr., the head of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition.

All-Black Baseball Team From Chicago Wins Little League World Series

AFRICANGLOBE - Most of the coverage about the Little League World Series so far has been devoted to Philadelphia's star pitcher Mo'ne Davis. But Davis' team fell out of the tournament Thursday — and it's the team who knocked them out that's writing the headlines now. Chicago's Jackie Robinson West claimed the U.S. Championship title in a 7-5 victory over Las Vegas on Saturday.

In Violent Weekend, At Least 40 People Shot In Chicago

AFRICANGLOBE - An 11-year-girl was shot and killed during a slumber party as violence struck Chicago over the weekend, local media outlets reported on Sunday.

Chicago Is Fed Up! Furious Protesters Call Obama ‘Worst President Ever’

AFRICANGLOBE - Residents from Chicago’s South Side expressed frustration Friday over President Obama’s attention to prioritizing the illegal immigrant crisis at the border over their city’s escalating violence.

Political Vampires – The Gantt Report

AFRICANGLOBE - Black voters of today don’t care anything about your political party affiliation. They don’t care anything about your skin color and they damn sure don’t care about or believe your false promises about making things better for America’s poor, oppressed and exploited Black citizens!

Why Chicago’s History Of Black Business Success Is Fading

AFRICANGLOBE - Looking at the history of Black business success, Chicago has no equal. Unfortunately, the past has not been prologue. No other city has birthed Black business icons as notable as John Johnson, Ed Gardner and, of course, Oprah Winfrey.

Englewood Residents Can Purchase Vacant City Lots For $1

AFRICANGLOBE - A new land sale program is giving residents of Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood the opportunity to purchase city-owned land for $1 per parcel. Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Thursday he hopes the Large Lot Pilot Program will help return empty land in the neighborhood to productive use.

Oprah Winfrey To Sell Harpo Studios In Chicago

AFRICANGLOBE - Oprah Winfrey is selling Harpo Studios in Chicago to a developer, but the studio will remain on the property for another two years. Winfrey filmed “The Oprah Winfrey Show” at the studio from 1990 to 2011, when she ended the talk show to start the Oprah Winfrey Network on cable.

Why Black-Americans Are Moving Back To The South

AFRICANGLOBE - After decades of mass exodus, Blacks are returning to the South in one of the most notable migrations of the new century. It's a subtle but significant shift that experts say provides not only a snapshot of the changing economics and sociology of the nation but of an emerging new South and, in some cases, of a growing disillusionment with the urban North.

Show Cut Short Because ‘Too Many Black People’ In The Audience

AFRICANGLOBE - A blues band claims their performance at a bar in Beverly, Chicago was cut short because there were “too many Black people” in the audience. The band’s members were still shocked.

State Terrorism: U.S. Charges Two For “Illegally” Lobbying For Zimbabwe

AFRICANGLOBE - Two Chicago based businessmen have been slapped with federal charges by the US government, for "illegally" lobbying on behalf of The Republic of Zimbabwe for the lifting of targeted restrictive sanctions.

Activist to Hand Out Free Shotguns to Chicago Residents

AFRICANGLOBE - Kyle Coplen, founder of Armed Citizen Project, is vowing to “help” local citizens combat the violence in Chicago. But his plans are non-traditional and controversial…he plans to give away free shotguns.