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Detroit Mother Accused of Stabbing Her Eight-Year-Old Daughter

AFRICANGLOBE - After a three-day investigation, a Detroit mother has been charged with the stabbing of her 8-year-old daughter. Police were called to the home of Semeria Aminita Greene early Sunday morning, and found her daughter Tameria Greene bleeding on her back

The Youth are Our Future

AFRICANGLOBE - Is it fair that your child can make one mistake and spend the rest of his or her life paying for it?...

Haiti to Overhaul Adoption Laws to Protect its Children

AFRICANGLOBE - Haiti will begin reforms on its adoption laws in order to curb human trafficking and child abuse issues that plague the country....

Arab Terrorists Using Rape, Drug Money to Control Northern Mali

Arab terrorists who seized northern Mali earlier this year are maintaining their control through fear and drug money, imposing an extremist version of Muslim...

Three Strikes: Today’s Civil Rights Challenge

Do you believe that 25 years to life for petty theft or taking a family member’s DMV test is excessive or cruel and unusual...

Sojourner Truth: Slavery Abolitionist And Women’s Suffragist

AFRICANGLOBE - The exact date of her birth was not recorded. We only know that in the year 1797, among Dutch immigrants settled in the region now known as Ulster County, New York, an African child was born on the estate of Colonel Johannes Hardenbergh. One of 13 children born to Elizabeth and James Baumfree, she was given the name Isabella Baumfree. As the story goes, this name gave her no hint of her mission so years later she renamed herself Sojourner Truth. Her life was a testament to this mission as a truth-teller.

World Bank Highlights Massive Inequality in South Africa

In an ideal society, every child would have an equal shot at achieving their human potential, regardless of their race, gender, family background or...


I have seen some pictures that have upset me, that have disgusted me, that have pulled at my heart, but today I saw a...

What Gays, Biden and Obama Just Don’t Get About Gay Marriage!

All you need is Love; Love … Love is all you need! In the sixties it was a song of the times… flower power;...

Poverty Pains for Majority of American Children

As the news cycles turn to presidential politics and primary contests, there is another story our leaders should be talking a lot about—and acting...

Somali Children Facing Death and Torture by Islamic Groups

In the Line of Fire: Somalia's Children Under Attack reveals the full impact on children of the on-going armed conflict. Children in Somalia are being recruited as child soldiers, denied access to education and killed or injured in indiscriminate attacks carried out in densely populated areas.