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Black Fathers Must Be Respected

AFRICANGLOBE - Too many women are sacrificing the well being of their children for their personal issues with the father. No one benefits in that situation and that father suffers right along with the child. There are men that hurt deeply in private because they long to spend time with their babies.

East African Nations To Ban Foreigners From Adopting African Children

AFRICANGLOBE - The Rwandan government banned international adoptions when it was discovered that four Norwegian men, who approached her looking to adopt 400 children, had a contract with hospitals that would then sell children to interested parents.

We Must Help Our Own Black Children

AFRICANGLOBE - We can no longer sit around waiting for Superman – he’s not coming. We must help our own Black children. Today we are still not appreciated or respected, in a world we helped build. Public schools don’t teach us about our good deeds, so our children will never learn about them.

Stolen Innocence: Kids Not Safe In Children’s Homes Or Churches

AFRICANGLOBE - A study conducted by CWID in 2010 shows that internationally-listed pedophiles were fleeing child sex tourism centres in Asia because of tough new laws, and were headed for African countries where laws and enforcement is lax.

Egypt Orphanage ‘Brutality’ Exposed

AFRICANGLOBE - Egypt arrested the head of a Cairo orphanage on Monday after a video showing him allegedly beating young children triggered outrage on social media, officials said.

Teenage Missionary Accused Of Raping African Babies At Orphanage

AFRICANGLOBE - An American teenager faces a possible life in prison sentence after authorities say they learned about shocking crimes he allegedly committed on an African mission trip. The suspect was volunteering at a Kenyan children’s home when he allegedly raped and molested a number of young children.

Can Single Mothers Turn Boys Into Men?

AFRICANGLOBE - The question of whether single mothers can raise their sons to be successful men without a father in the home is one that has been debated for many years. But what most will agree on is that there is a lack of an adult male presence within Black households.

Black Kids In Michigan Among Worst In The U.S.

AFRICANGLOBE - Children’s advocates are troubled by a new report indicating the well-being of African-American children in Michigan – that’s one in every six children – is among the lowest in the nation.

Disturbing Study Proves That Cops View Black Children Differently

AFRICANGLOBE - Black children are seen as older and less innocent than they actually are — particularly by cops, according to a new study published recently in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. The researchers also found that Black children are more likely to be the subjects of dehumanization by police officers, making them subject to higher rates of police violence.

When White Fathers Leave Their Black Children

AFRICANGLOBE - Much ink has been spilled on the epidemic of Black fathers who abandon their children. But in Bea Hinton's case, she grew up as the Black child of a missing White dad—a legacy that has defined her life.

The War Against Black Children – Change Begins With Us

AFRICANGLOBE - When will the season for hurting Black children be over? How long will the pains last? How many more parents will have to bury their child? Parents know that children copy the behavior of those that they glorify. We are the enemy, determined to make our youth copy the ways of those that we glorify. We force exposure.

One in Three Children Will Be Born in Africa by 2050:...

AFRICANGLOBE - Shifting population trends mean that one in three children born by 2050 will be African, the UN Children’s Fund says. UNICEF’s new study...

Muslim Group Imprisoned Children Underground for Years

Members of a Muslim group in Russia could face prison terms for isolating dozens of children from society, and forcing them to live underground...

Books Versus Bullets in North-East Nigeria

Continuing violence between the Joint Military Task Force and the radical Islamist sect, Boko Haram, in the Nigerian city of Maiduguri in north-east Nigeria has resulted in schools closing intermittently. But one school is battling to bring education to the city's children.

Your Child Is A Gift And Not A Pawn

AFRICANGLOBE - Fathers and mothers, please stop using your child or children as a pawn. When couples separate they sometimes tend to become emotional and the feelings they felt when they were creating their little bundle of joy are tossed out the window.