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How The Wuhan Coronavirus Outbreak Exposed China’s Ugly Face

AFRICANGLOBE - Africa was supposed to be China’s new stomping grounds. Instead, the Wuhan coronavirus has spawned a growing backlash that threatens to unwind the ties Beijing has carefully cultivated over decades. The trigger for the burgeoning diplomatic crisis: Anger over the treatment of African citizens living in China.

Chinese In Africa Face Backlash After Targeting Black People In China

AFRICANGLOBE - African countries are seething over accounts that Africans are battling stigma and discrimination in China over the coronavirus pandemic. The African residents say they have suffered forced evictions, arbitrary quarantines and mass coronavirus tests and face discrimination in restaurants and hotels. We saw images of Nigerians in the streets with their possessions and this was of course extremely distressing for us at home.

China And India Have A Huge Anti-Black Racism Problem

AFRICANGLOBE - Just minutes before his birthday, Masonda Ketanda Olivier was beaten to death by an Indian mob. The Congolese national was confronted by a mob of men late at night in New Delhi and killed. Olivier's friend, an Ivorian national, said it was a clear hate crime, with racial epithets repeatedly invoked. In a 2013 account, an African American English teacher recounted his Chinese students complaining about their instructor: "I don’t want to look at his Black face all night," one said.

China Wants Strategic Relationship With The African Country Of Djibouti

AFRICANGLOBE - Chinese President Xi Jinping on Sunday called for the advancement of China-Djibouti strategic relationship. Xi Jinping made the call when he met with Djiboutian President Ismail Omar Guelleh in Beijing.

Get Ready For The African Century

AFRICANGLOBE - The 21st century will most likely belong to China as the Chinese Century. But with a rapid increase in Chinese investment and African innovation, the 22nd century may see the dawn of the African Century.

US To Counter Russia And China In Africa Says John Bolton

AFRICANGLOBE - The United States plans to counter the rapidly expanding Chinese and Russian economic and political influence in Africa, US national security adviser John Bolton said on Thursday (Dec 13), calling business practices of the two nations "corrupt" and "predatory."

Africa Could Learn From China

AFRICANGLOBE - Zimbabwe and China enjoy strong bilateral relations honed since the liberation struggle, in modern times. History suggests that contact between the two peoples — directly or indirectly — may have come much earlier, perhaps seven millennia ago.

Taiwan Slams Nigeria For Closing Down Its Abuja Trade Office

AFRICANGLOBE - Taiwan protested on Thursday after Nigeria asked it to shut down its trade office in the capital, in what it said was an attempt by Beijing to push it out of Africa’s largest economy. The island’s foreign ministry said Nigeria had asked Taiwan to move its trade office out of the capital Abuja in a show of support for Beijing.

China’s Appetite For Wood Is Devastating West Africa’s Forest

AFRICANGLOBE - Conservation researcher Hazel Chapman tells us about the alarming pace of woodland destruction in Nigeria and elsewhere in West Africa — fueled by a highly valued tree species. The rampant logging of Rosewood (Pterocarpus erinaceus) — a valuable timber used for luxury furniture — is devastating woodlands in Nigeria and beyond in West Africa. And where is the Rosewood going? To China, of course, the world’s biggest timber importer.

China Now The World’s Largest Economy, America Falls To Second Place

AFRICANGLOBE - China has toppled America to become the largest economy in the world, according to figures from the International Monetary Fund. The US has been the global leader since it overtook Britain in 1872, but has now lost its status as top dog.

Cavorting With War Criminals: Zuma Meets Bashir In China

AFRICANGLOBE - President Jacob Zuma recently met Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir "to strengthen co-operation" between the two countries. The two misleaders committed themselves to more meetings, at ministerial level, and Zuma accepted an invitation by al-Bashir to visit Sudan.

A Re-Evaluation Of Africa And China

AFRICANGLOBE - China’s strategy (and intention) with investment in Africa is still largely a mystery. Commentary ranges from complimentary assessment as a true economic development partner to derogatory indications as the “new colonizer.”

US Worried About China’s Military Plans For Djibouti

AFRICANGLOBE - Some members of the US Congress have urged the Obama administration to dissuade the government of Djibouti from allowing China to establish a military presence in the Horn of Africa. The concerns centre around the small, strategically situated country, which hosts a large US base used to carry out air and sea patrols and to conduct drone strikes in Somalia and Yemen.

Angolans Resentful As China Tightens Its Economic Grip

AFRICANGLOBE - It is almost impossible to miss Beijing’s influence in Angola, from construction site signs in Chinese script to expensive Chinese restaurants and seedy “Asian-only” massage parlors in the capital’s alleyways. Despite reservations from jobless Angolans, economists see China’s dominant role in Angola as necessary.

Transforming Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - A recent report from the African Economic Outlook (AEO) presented five options for accelerating Africa’s transformation, and we look at each in turn, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each strategy, and suggesting the countries that are best suited for each.

Is ‘China In Africa’ Something To Fear?

AFRICANGLOBE - While there is no question that China and Chinese companies are changing the way African politicians seek aid and investment, the relationship between the two sides is far more complicated than simple narratives about “democracy or dictatorship” or “trade not aid” suggest.