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Embarrassing? How Long It Takes China To Create The Equivalent Of...

AFRICANGLOBE - Jim O’Neill, former head of economics at Goldman Sachs, once calculated that China created an economy the size of Greece every three months. Between 2012 and 2013, China’s economy grew by $1 trillion, from $8.2 trillion to 9.2 trillion. We apply the same calculation for African countries using data from the World Bank, and see how long China takes to create economies equivalent to African countries’

China Criticize America Over The Murder Of Black People

AFRICANGLOBE - For a century, the US has been ridiculing China while at the same time praising the “Freedom” here in America. When a country, that we are told is a bastion for human rights violations, and corruption, cites specific cases and calls the US out for its rampant violence and corruption, something is indeed awry.

Africans Invest Billions Of Dollars In China

AFRICANGLOBE - Beyond the small businesses that attract Africans in Guangzhou—the so-called 'Chocolate city' in China because of the large number of Africans who live there—African companies have made considerable investments in China. By 2012, Africans had invested a cumulative $14.2 billion in China, a 43% increase from the $9.9 billion invested by 2009. In 2012 alone, the amount of direct investments from Africa to China was about $1.4 billion, mostly in petro-chemical, manufacturing, wholesale and retailing industries.

Africa To Become World’s Manufacturing Hub Through Industrial Cooperation With China:...

AFRICANGLOBE - The chief of the African Development Bank (AfDB) Donald Kaberuka says time has come for Africa to become the world's manufacturing hub and this can be done through industrial cooperation with China as the Asian giant phrases out labor-intensive industries.

South Sudan: A Critical Battleground Between China And USA

AFRICANGLOBE - The rivalry of gaining influence in South Sudan between China and USA has predictably entered a dangerous phase. In 2010, upon discovering that South Sudan purchased weapons and ammunitions from somewhere else other than USA, the American administration grew furious and threatened sanctions, not just against South Sudan, but also against Kenya, a country America accused of facilitating the deal of securing the arms purchase on behalf of South Sudan.

Africa Is The New China — Here Is Why Investors Should...

AFRICANGLOBE - Apart from the fact that one is a continent and the other a country, Africa is the new China. This seems like an odd idea at first. After all, China has a booming economy, and African countries are supposedly poverty-stricken, politically volatile, and unjustifiable business risks. Right? Wrong.

China Planning To Open Military Base In Djibouti

AFRICANGLOBE - Djibouti President Ismail Omar Guelleh told Agence France-Presse that the talks were ongoing and that Beijing's presence would be welcome in the former French colony, which borders Somalia, Eritrea and Ethiopia.

Africa And The Post-Atlantic World

AFRICANGLOBE - For over 100 years, the most important global trade route was the Atlantic, connecting the US with Europe. In the last decade, it has been across the Pacific, flowing between the US and Asia. A new world is taking shape with the development of trading blocs and associations on continental, pan-continental and hemispheric levels. How will Africa insert itself into this evolving matrix?

China In Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Over the past few decades, China's rapid economic growth and expanding middle class has fueled an unprecedented need for resources. The economic powerhouse has focused on securing the long-term energy supplies needed to sustain its rapid industrialization, locking down sources of oil and other raw materials across the globe. As part of this effort, China has turned to Africa.

China To Invest $26bn In Equatorial Guinea

AFRICANGLOBE - Last week, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) signed a deal to invest $26 billion in Equatorial Guinea. The ICBC, China’s biggest lender, said most of the fund will go to providing infrastructural and financial support for the Equatorial Guinea government and Chinese enterprises located in the country.

Why Africa Will Be The Next China

AFRICANGLOBE - The conventional wisdom about China is that it is an emerging superpower, and that it will be a dominant geopolitical and economic force in the 21st century. Meanwhile, the conventional wisdom about Africa is that it remains a basket case, mired in poor governance, corruption, tyranny, poor infrastructure, and poor human capital. I would like to suggest that this is exactly backward.

Global Shift In The Balance Of Power Is Moving From West...

AFRICANGLOBE - A major recent event last week largely went unnoticed by both MSM and independent news sources alike. The British are apparently jumping ship away from the US dollar/petrodollar. America’s mother country England has seen the writing on the wall and knows the global balance of power is rapidly tilting in favor of where the sun always rises in the East.

China Is Getting Ready For Troop Surge Into Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Chinese activities in Africa have expanded massively during the last decade. Beijing's most important businesses with African countries — the arms trade. China has exported massive amounts of heavy and light weapons to the continent in recent years.

From ‘Made In China’ To ‘Made In Africa’?

AFRICANGLOBE - Oftentimes the complex economic relationship between China and Africa is viewed in isolation, rather than as a part of global economic trends.

Africa Needs Collective Approach To China

AFRICANGLOBE - China’s relationship with Africa is changing the face of the continent. Thanks to Chinese financing, Africa is rapidly gaining infrastructure. China is also establishing new modes of engagement for other emerging donors, presenting an alternative to European aid.

US And China Fight For Economic Influence In Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - The US and China are increasingly rivals on the world stage, competing over resources, policy and influence. One region where China has spent years establishing a foothold is Africa. Now the US is also keen to reassert itself after years of economic neglect.