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More Mega Deals Struck Between Zimbabwe And China

AFRICANGLOBE - Zimbabwe struck more mega deals in China with funding agreements and feasibility studies of power projects, road dualisation and railway line construction being put on paper yesterday. There were indications that the Chinese government had assured the Zimbabwean delegation — led by President Mugabe — that there would be no cap on how much Beijing can avail to Harare on viable projects

Zimbabwe And China Sign Nine Mega Deals

AFRICANGLOBE - Zimbabwe and China yesterday signed nine landmark agreements that will see the emerging global giant from Asia providing financial support for the much-needed economic enablers in critical sectors that include energy, roads, national railway network, telecommunications, agriculture and tourism as part of the Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation.

‘Made In China’ Now Being Made In Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - The cost of labor in China is going up, so Chinese manufacturers are moving to Africa, and they’re playing all the angles. “There’s been much talk about the Chinese Dream in the past few years, but I have an African Dream.” said Sun Qiaoming. “African gold will fill my next bucket of gold.”

China’s Million-Migrant March Into Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Africans across the continent complain about the “Chinese propensity for bribery and corruption, for shoddy goods and for cutting corners,” according to French. This is often evident in construction projects, where roads and buildings quickly become dilapidated. Because they consistently underbid all competitors, provide financing and are adept at the art of greasing palms, however, Chinese firms own the infrastructure sector, a major conduit for migrants working on such projects eager to escape grim prospects back home.

New Cold War For Africa: China’s Economic Interest vs. US Military...

AFRICANGLOBE - Both China and the US are trying to broaden and deepen their influence in Africa, with China dominating the continent economically, whereas the US is more pro-active militarily,

Turning Ethiopia Into The Next China

AFRICANGLOBE - African nations such as Ethiopia, Kenya, Lesotho, Rwanda, Senegal, and Tanzania want their share of the 80 million manufacturing jobs that China is expected to export, according to Justin Lin Yifu, a former World Bank chief economist who teaches economics at Peking University. Weaker consumer spending in the U.S. and Europe has prompted global retailers to speed up their search for lower-cost producers.

Let’s Wage An Economic Revolution: President Mugabe

AFRICANGLOBE - President Mugabe says Zimbabwe is going to wage an economic revolution using its natural resources to transform the gains of the liberation struggle into tangible wealth for the benefit of the people.

China-Africa Relations Hurt By Bad Chinese Behaviour

AFRICANGLOBE - Chinese businessmen smuggle ivory and rhino horns out of Africa and flood local markets with counterfeit goods while contractors constantly try to undercut each other, resulting in shoddy infrastructure projects. "Our bad habits have followed us

China Bemoans Its People’s Horrible Behavior In Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - According to Lu Youqing, China’s ambassador to Tanzania, Chinese businesses are constantly causing problems as they fight over contracts and try to bribe local official.

China Sees Africa Trade Evolving Beyond Mineral Resources

AFRICANGLOBE - One of the biggest trends in global economic and trade ties in recent years has been the growing relationship between China and Africa. Trade between the two reached $210bn last year - up from just $10bn in 2000.

Why China and America Are Headed Toward A Catastrophic Clash

AFRICANGLOBE - Asia today carries the seeds of a truly catastrophic episode of mutual misperception. Both Washington and China are steadily upping the stakes in their rivalry as China's provocations of US friends and allies become more flagrant and America's commitments to support them become more categorical.

How China Is Taking Over Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - You've seen the headlines: China is taking over Africa, and the United States and Africa's former colonizers in Europe have lost sway. Mostly, it's true. Throughout Angola, Ghana and the Congo, some of China's largest companies are building roads and railways. They're backed by Chinese banks, and they'll pay off their loans in kind through mining and oil deals.

China’s New Mission In Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Li Keqiang, China’s Premier (along with his wife), made an official visit to Africa recently. A surprising face, Chen Hong, a professor of English at the Capital University of Economics and Business, made a guest appearance, as well. This trip wasn’t business as usual, however.

Cameroon Navy To Receive Two Warships From China

AFRICANGLOBE - Cameroon’s Navy will receive two patrol vessels from China, where they are presently under construction. The two vessels, with pennant numbers P108 and P109, are under construction at Qingdao by Poly Technologies, which is a regular supplier of ships to African navies. Cameroon’s minister of defence Edgar Alain Mebe Ngo’o visited the two vessels in China on April 15 to inspect progress on their construction.

Ethiopia And China Sign Major Deals

AFRICANGLOBE - China and Ethiopia have signed more than a dozen agreements aimed at shoring up burgeoning ties between the world's second-largest economy and the African continent that saw their trade top $200bn last year.

Chinese PM Proposes China -Africa Cooperation Upgrade

AFRICANGLOBE - Chinese Premier Li Keqiang proposed yesterday that China and Africa earnestly boost collaboration in industry, finance, poverty reduction, ecological protection, people-to-people exchanges, and peace and security so as to create an upgraded version of their all-round cooperation.