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REALLY: Why Africa Needs To Bash Chinese Migrants Less

AFRICANGLOBE - Anti-Chinese sentiment is on the rise in many African countries, and in some places, has often spiralled out of control with attacks on Chinese-owned businesses and individuals.

How A Million Chinese Migrants Are Building A New Empire In...

Although there are no official figures, evidence suggests that at least a million private Chinese citizens have arrived on African soil since 2001, many entirely of their own initiative, not by way of any state plan.

As Africa Welcomes More Chinese Migrants, A New Wariness Sets In

Hundreds of thousands of Chinese men and women – as many as 1 million by some estimates, have left China for Africa. China has been investing heavily in Africa for more than a decade, and both China and its migrants are in what could be called a settling-in period as the story of a fast-growing Africa and a rising China unfolds.