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Kenya Arrests 77 Chinese In Cybercrime Raids

AFRICANGLOBE - Kenyan police have arrested 77 Chinese nationals on suspicion of running a cybercrime centre from homes in an upmarket area of the capital, Nairobi. Officers believe the gang had been preparing to hack the country’s communication systems.

Chinese Involved In All Of Africa’s Ivory Smuggling: Report

AFRICANGLOBE - Chinese traffickers are present in virtually every single African state and operate at nearly every point along the illegal ivory smuggling chain,”

Mass Immigration Of Chinese Into Africa Driven By Money

AFRICANGLOBE - In 2011 the Chinese parliament debated a proposal, admittedly fanciful, to deploy as many as 100 million people in Africa. The news circulated widely in Africa that many of the more roughneck types of Chinese incomer are prison labourers and criminals.

Chinese ‘Sleeping Giant’ Has Awakened In Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - However, a new colonial power may be emerging in Africa - not wielding weapons, but cash. China is investing billions of dollars in trade and economic assistance to improve and expand the continent's infrastructure, thus slowly tying Africa's future to its Chinese benefactors.

How The Chinese Are Hurting African Economies

AFRICANGLOBE - From Nigeria to Uganda and Kenya, Chinese companies are hurting the African economy through a culture of bribery and corruption that has seen them salt away millions of dollars, proceeds from inflated contracts sums and other untoward deals that border on sleaze and bribery.

How Africans View Chinese Business In Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - The Ethics Institute of South Africa (EthicsSA) published in February 2014 a major study titled “Africans’ Perception of Chinese Business in Africa: A Survey.” Tshwane-based EthicsSA is a non-profit, public-benefit organization that opened its doors in 2000. The survey involved an on-line questionnaire from 1,056 Africans in 15 countries that have a large presence of Chinese companies.

Chinese Ivory Smuggler Gets Record Sentence After Kenya Trial

AFRICANGLOBE - A court in Kenya on Tuesday slapped a record sentence on a Chinese ivory smuggler, the first person to be convicted under tough new laws designed to stem a surge in poaching. Tang Yong Jian, 40, was ordered to pay 20 million shillings ( 233,000 dollars) or elsego to jail for seven years.

Ghana Detains Chinese Nationals Over Illegal Gold Mining

AFRICANGLOBE - Ghanaian authorities have detained 43 Chinese nationals for suspected illegal gold mining, the Chinese embassy confirmed Thursday. The embassy said it was consulting with related Ghanaian authorities to handle the issue properly.

Africa Told to View China as Competitor

AFRICANGLOBE - Africa must shake off its romantic view of China and accept Beijing is a competitor as much as a partner and capable of the same exploitative practices as the old colonial powers, Nigeria's central bank governor has warned.

Chinese Nationals Accused Of Stealing and Eating Zimbabwean Pets

Fresh allegations of animal abuse and the consumption of cats and dogs by Chinese immigrants in Zimbabwe have resurfaced as the Society for the...