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China’s Designs On Africa In Dispute

AFRICANGLOBE - Separating myth from fact is a far from easy task when examining China’s dealings with African countries. Earlier this month, Kenyan officials let it be known that 5,000 Chinese workers would travel almost 10,000kms to Africa to build the first phase of a railway on which President Uhuru Kenyatta had staked a huge chunk of his legacy.

Ghana Detains 124 Chinese Over Illegal Gold Mining

AFRICANGLOBE - The Chinese embassy said on its website on Thursday that authorities in the resource-rich West African nation of Ghana searched a hotel in the country's central region and captured a number of Chinese citizens on Sunday.

Chinese in Ghana Unaware of Their Bad Reputation

Chinese migrants in Ghana are growing and so is their notoriety, says a study by a nominee of the African Thesis Awards 2012. Yet...

China in Africa – the Blowback Begins

If this isn't a sign of how far the USA has fallen, I don't know what is. Twenty years ago it would have been American workers targeted by rebel groups. But the times they are a-changing, and two kidnappings in the last week suggest China's increasingly dominant role in the world - and especially Africa - is being recognised. And not in a good way.