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Chinese Immigrant Jailed For Tying-Up And Whipping Africans

AFRICANGLOBE- A court in Rwanda sentenced a Chinese immigrant to 20 years in prison for torture after he was filmed tying-up and whipping a Rwandan man. Sun Shujun, a known abuser and manager of a mine in the west of the country, had been accused of beating his workers in a case that drew national attention after he was filmed whipping a man tied to a cross on the ground.

Nigerians Burn Chinese Businesses To Protest Racist Attacks?

AFRICANGLOBE - A viral post on social media makes the claim that in Nigeria, citizens are burning Chinese-owned shops in response to cases of harassment and discrimination of African citizens in China. The post is accompanied by a video, filmed above street-level, that shows a blazing fire and large plumes of smoke above a few buildings in an urban setting.

Chinese In Africa Face Backlash After Targeting Black People In China

AFRICANGLOBE - African countries are seething over accounts that Africans are battling stigma and discrimination in China over the coronavirus pandemic. The African residents say they have suffered forced evictions, arbitrary quarantines and mass coronavirus tests and face discrimination in restaurants and hotels. We saw images of Nigerians in the streets with their possessions and this was of course extremely distressing for us at home.

Ghana Issues Stern Warning To Chinese Criminals

AFRICANGLOBE - Chinese criminals who work at gold mines in Ghana will not be protected by their home country if they get snared in a crackdown on illegal mining, China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs warned after some Chinese nationals were rounded up for working in the African nation.

Chinese ‘Ivory Queen’ Convicted Of Smuggling In Tanzania

AFRICANGLOBE - A Tanzanian court on Tuesday convicted a Chinese woman dubbed the "Ivory Queen" for her role in trafficking tusks from more than 400 elephants. Yang Fenlan, 69, was convicted in Dar es Salaam of trafficking 860 tusks between 2000 and 2014, a haul representing the slaughter of dozens of herds of elephants.

Why African Traders Are Fleeing Guangzhou, China’s “Chocolate City”

AFRICANGLOBE - It was reported by a 2008 Wikileaks cable that the local Chinese authorities had long been “extremely concerned” about the “visible” African population in Guangzhou. “Many Chinese residents do not want to live in “Africa Town” due to “differences” ranging from “culture to lifestyle to hygiene,” an American diplomat wrote to Washington, citing research commissioned by the local authorities.

Uganda Worried About The Number Of Chinese Men Marrying Ugandan Women

AFRICANGLOBE - Chinese nationals have been pouring into Uganda in the past decade. China is a top investor in the east African country. But according to Ugandan immigration officials, there’s one major downside: an increasing number of Chinese men are marrying Ugandan women to gain residency and continue their business interests in the country.

Chinese Tourist Kills Woman In Fight Over Restaurant Table At Kenyan...

AFRICNGLOBE - A Chinese tourist stabbed a woman to death and seriously wounded her husband after demanding they vacate a table at a luxury Kenyan safari lodge, police said on Tuesday. The incident occurred at Keekorok Lodge in Masai Mara, a large game reserve in southwestern Kenya, where the couple – also Chinese – were having dinner.