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The Greatest Trick White Supremacy Ever Pulled

AFRICANGLOBE - After comedian Chris Rock made news by posting a selfie of his third time being pulled over by cops in seven weeks...

Chris Rock Takes Selfies Documenting His Recent Harassment By The NYPD

AFRICANGLOBE - America is waking up to the reality of a militarized police force that often operates as armed revenue collectors and simple thugs for the ruling elite. Police across the nation are under intense scrutiny as incidents of police corruption, excessive violence and killing, and a pandemic of sexual assaults by officers have begun to penetrate the mainstream consciousness.

Five African-American Geeks Who Made History

AFRICANGLOBE - Comedian Chris Rock famously joked that in many schools, African-American history is often limited to the study of Martin Luther King. With Black History Month coming to an end, we wanted to highlight five slightly lesser-known African-American geeks that have made enormous contributions to society. One amazing thing to keep in mind is that most of these men and women were geeks at a time when most Blacks in the US didn’t even have access to education.

Brazilian Society Continues To See Black Hair As A Joke: After...

AFRICANGLOBE - There are still serious debates about racism in Brazil. People are used to closing their eyes to everything, this story of a ‘mixed race and happy people ‘ is a lie! Veiled racism is what happens here.