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White Jesus, White Moses

AFRICANGLOBE - With the glut of Hollywood moves revolving around Biblical themes lately, it seems that Christianity is enjoying a bit of a resurgence in popular culture. In the past year, Noah has been depicted by Russell Crowe (an Aussie) and Moses by Christian Bale (Welsh). Thus continues a long Hollywood tradition, the whitewashing of history.

Hollywood’s Ancient Egypt Whitewash

AFRICANGLOBE - “Throughout history Europeans have always tried to hijack the identity of ancient Egyptians, despite countless Egyptologists, scholars, historians, scientists, archaeologists and anthropologists – many of whom are Europeans themselves – have documented information that they were Black.”

‘Since When Are Egyptians Not White?’: Rupert Murdoch Defends All-White ‘Exodus’

AFRICANGLOBE - Media magnate Rupert Murdoch defended the all-white cast of "Exodus: Gods and Kings” on Twitter, declaring that that Egyptians are whites who “treated blacks as slaves.” Critics claim the upcoming film ― which tells the story of Moses’ escape from Egypt ― is racially inaccurate and offensive. Director Ridley Scott cast Christian Bale as Moses and a slew of other white actors as famous Egyptians.