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The Dutch Don’t Think It’s Racist For Santa To Have Black...

AFRICANGLOBE - Every year around this time, people in the Netherlands paint themselves in blackface and go around pretending to be Santa’s African slaves. According to polls, 92% of Dutch people think this is just fine.

Netherlands: Racist Christmas Character Black Pete To Be Given Makeover

AFRICANGLOBE - According to Dutch folklore Black Pete, traditionally depicted by White actors in blackface, bright red lipstick and black curly afro hair, is the slave of Father Christmas and has been a central figure of Christmas celebrations in the Netherlands and Flanders since the 18th century.

Christmas And Santa Clause: A Historical Review

AFRICANGLOBE - American and European history informs us that the celebration of Christmas was once banned in Britain and the North American colonies. This occurred in the early 17th century. The so-called Puritans in England considered the entire Christmas celebration as repulsively non-Christian. The Puritan Party under Oliver Cromwell in 1642 rendered all Christmas celebrations, religious and secular an anathema, and forbidden by Parliament.