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Ferguson Increases Black Political Representation

AFRICANGLOBE - In the first year after 18-year-old Michael Brown was murdered by a white police officer, Ferguson voters elected two African-Americans to the City Council, giving Black residents almost equal representation in the city for the first time in history.

Black Votes Matter: Ferguson Adds Two Blacks To City Council

AFRICANGLOBE - Ferguson, Missouri, added two African-American representatives to the city council on Tuesday night. 30 percent of the city’s voters cast ballots in the April 7th city election. While that percentage may not sound impressive, it is more than double the normal turnout for a municipal election in the city.

Newark After Cory Booker: City Faces Takeover Threat

AFRICANGLOBE - New Jersey's largest city is hitting some roadblocks just months after its rising-star mayor went off to Washington. A bold reform plan for the state-run school system has hit a snag, the police department is facing federal oversight over citizen complaints, and the state is threatening a takeover of the city's finances after several key deadlines were missed.

Who Is Getting Paid For The Plunder Of Detroit?

AFRICANGLOBE - Nothing reveals more openly the criminal looting of Detroit by the wealthy elite than the hundred million dollars being paid out to well-connected law firms, accountants and consultancy businesses, which prepared the city’s bankruptcy. The fee bonanza has been underway as least since early 2012 and accelerated immediately after Michigan Governor Rick Snyder signed a revised emergency manager law on December 27, 2012.

What Exactly Is A Living Wage

AFRICANGLOBE - Workers at fast food restaurants recently demonstrated outside their places of work, highlighting the low wages they receive and demanding more. They say twice as much, or $15 an hour, will provide them with a living wage.

New York City Council Vote To Curb Stop-And-Frisk

AFRICANGLOBE - City Council made an important choice today. They stopped endorsing a set of NYPD policies and practices that are discriminatory, ineffective and wasteful. They chose instead to guarantee safety and respect across the boroughs.

Detroit Struggling To Avoid State Takeover

AFRICANGLOBE - The state of Michigan is poised to take over the city of Detroit’s struggling finances if the mayor and City Council can’t find a way to work together in devising a plan to reduce the city’s budget deficit on Tuesday.

New Detroit Budget Proposal Contains Severe Cuts

A detailed budget proposal by Detroit Democratic Mayor Dave Bing calls for massive cuts and layoffs on top of those contained in a preliminary...

Pittsburgh Wants to Pay $75K to Teen Who Was Viciously Beaten...

The Pittsburgh City Council is considering a bill that would pay $75,000 to a former performing arts student who says in a civil rights...