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Detroit: The Dispersal Of Urban Black America Begins

AFRICANGLOBE - High water bills and cascading shut-offs have added to the flood of forced evictions. "Our conclusion is that you have here in Detroit a man-made perfect storm," said the UN officials. More precisely, a corporate-made vortex of ethnic and class cleansing, to make way for a new, gentrified city.

Khartoum: The World’s Most Selfish City?

AFRICANGLOBE - Khartoum is a low-built, sprawling city. The capital of Sudan, until recently the largest country in Africa, sits on either side of the River Nile under an almost perpetual haze of dust. As a child growing up in Khartoum, the city always struck me as sleepy and dark – power cuts were frequent, and the oppressive heat infused everything with a sticky torpor. Unlike Cairo to the north or Nairobi to the south, Khartoum did not have that frenetic energy or drama. The country’s international reputation for hard-line Islamism and ethnic warfare jarred with the city’s subdued mood.