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There Are 26 Open Warrants Per Citizen In This Tiny Missouri...

AFRICANGLOBE - If you want to know what a corrupt police state of revenue collecting, citation addicted bureaucrats look like, look in Missouri.A recent report showed that there were 23,457 arrest warrants pending in Pine Lawn Municipal Court in St. Louis County. That’s about 7.3 per resident. However, Pine Lawn is far from the worst. The town of Country Club Hills has over 35,000 outstanding arrest warrants, or a mind blowing 26.9 per resident.

The Supreme Court Just Cited The Black Codes In Ruling Against...

AFRICANGLOBE - Kevin Thompson, a Black teenager, was unlawfully jailed for five days because he couldn’t afford to pay more than $800 to a court that sought to raise revenue for DeKalb County. Black single mothers are jailed for up to 57 days and separated from their children because they cannot pay exorbitant fines to the courts of Lexington County. Hundreds of thousands of people, disproportionately Black, are harmed by North Carolina’s revocation of driver’s licenses simply for inability to pay court debt.

Policing For Profit: NYPD Can’t Account For The Money It Steals...

AFRICANGLOBE - A detailed account of money and property seized by the New York Police Department is essentially impossible, an official says, as a comprehensive effort to report how much money the NYPD takes during arrests would “lead to system crashes.”

“Policing For Profit”: Seminars Teach Cops How To Make Money From...

AFRICANGLOBE - Even the corporate-run media is borrowing the label “policing for profit” to describe the practice of civil asset forfeiture by the police force. That is, seizing property, money, cars and even homes without any type of due process. Not even a charge.