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How The African Continent Fell

AFRICANGLOBE - A detailed explanation of how the African continent went from being at the apex of civilization and wealth the being conquered by foreign barbarians, who sold its people into slavery and engineered the continent into a long period of backwardness, stagnation and humiliation.

Five Globally Important Archaeological Sites In Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - The number of unearthed archaeological sites across Africa has given the world insights into the history of the continent and the world. From pyramids in the north, to cryptic stone cities and ancient civilisations further south, these sites offer many mysteries as they do answers. Lying untouched and hidden for thousands of years, they can sometimes provide us with some understanding of who we are, as Africans, today.

Civil Disobedience In Sudan And The Nubian Struggle

AFRICANGLOBE - The governments of Sudan and Egypt are executing a well thought out plan of ethnic cleansing and forced displacement of Nubians. Nubian land is being sold to foreign investors, going against the international laws that call for the protection of indigenous people. The Nubians need the support of the rest of the citizens of Sudan and Egypt and the international community. History is repeating itself.

8 Great African Empires Throughout History

AFRICANGLOBE - Ancient Egypt is the most famous African empire that dominates the religious, scientific and anthropological spheres of study as it spearheaded writing, agricultural, societal, political and military systems. It left an indelible mark on the world with its construction techniques, advanced irrigation and farming systems, its system of mathematics and medicine and its popular Pharaohs. Other kingdoms came into existence before and after the Egyptian era, and below are 10 of the most significant ones:

Memories Of Utopia The Story Of The Arab Destruction Of Ancient...

AFRICANGLOBE - Memories of Utopia the story of the Arab destruction of ancient Nubia told through the experience of Fikri el-Keshem a Nubian who along with tens of thousands of Egyptian Nubians were forcibly removed from their ancient home on the banks of the Nile in order to make way for the construction of the Aswan Dam which covered their ancient temples and flooded parts of the world's oldest civilization.