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Clarence Thomas’ Self-Inflicted Amnesia

AFRICANGLOBE - Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is at it again. Whenever he opens his mouth about race, he displays a surprising myopia for a 65-year-old African American man raised in the Deep South during a segregated era. During his confirmation hearing, Thomas excoriated his own family, speaking of his sister as someone (and I paraphrase) waiting around for her welfare check.

Clarence Thomas Compares Affirmative Action to Slavery

AFRICANGLOBE - In a fiery concurring opinion Monday, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas said the University of Texas at Austin’s admissions policy amounted to discrimination and compared the school’s affirmative action program to slavery and segregation.

Herman Cain vs. Clarence Thomas: A Tale of 2 Sex Harassment...

The Herman Cain campaign complained that the candidate is the target of a “high tech lynching,” the very claim made by Clarence Thomas 20 years ago during his Supreme Court confirmation hearings when Anita Hill charged him with sexual harassment.

Herman Cain: Let’s Pay Attention to the "Pizza Man"

Some call Herman Cain the Pizza Man with a slick carnival con-man banter. Some call Cain a contemporary Uncle Remus masterful in philosophy to suit any White racist’s dream. Others call Cain a misguided dupe of the right-wing-nuts of the Tea Party.