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Europeans Are Destroying The Planet, Not All Humans

AFRICANGLOBE - If you are not yet aware, I am happy to repeat: Caucasian nations have pushed the planet to the brink of utter destruction. However, they will print in their various media outlets in Europe, in the United States, in Canada, Australia, and even in some parts of Africa that “Humans” are responsible for climate change. That Humans are responsible for Global Warming. That Humans are responsible for the destruction of more than sixty percent of the world species in the past one hundred years alone.

Climate Change Is HELPING Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Climate change means rain is returning to previously drought-stricken areas of Africa 30 years after a biblical famine a new study has revealed. Research by scientists at Britain's National Centre for Atmospheric Science at the University of Reading, has shown how increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which have caused climate change, have triggered a return of crucial seasonal rains to the Sahel region.

Tanzania Aims To Build A Megacity That Works

AFRICANGLOBE- Tanzania’s largest commercial city - one of the fastest-growing in Africa - has redrawn its master plan to try to become a megacity prepared for climate change,

New, Privatized African City Heralds Climate Of Apartheid

AFRICANGLOBE - It's a sight to behold. Just off Lagos, Nigeria's coast, an artificial island is emerging from the sea. A foundation, built of sand dredged from the ocean floor, stretches over ten kilometres. Promotional videos depict what is to come: a city of soaring buildings, housing for 250,000 people, and a central boulevard to match Paris' Champs-Élysées and New York's Fifth Avenue.

Civil Society Snub Zuma’s African Agri-Solution

South African President Jacob Zuma's declaration on "climate smart and carbon markets" as a climate change solution for African agriculture has raised suspicions among roughly 100 civil society organisations at the COP17 conference in Durban.

Africans See Opportunities Beyond Climate Change Challenges

As the world gathers in the South African City of Durban for the biggest annual summit to review and take stock of the collective decisions on fighting climate change, the global gaze is turning to Africa and how the continent is coming to terms with a changing climate.

Climate Change Set To Worsen Global Food Crises – Oxfam

AFRICANGLOBE - Storms and droughts that have unleashed dangerous surges in food prices could be a "grim foretaste" of what lies ahead when climate change bites more deeply, Oxfam said on Monday.

Food Security Gets Research Boost in East Africa

A consortium of East African institutes is researching new seed varieties better suited to dry areas to combat the effects of climate change in the region.