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Christmas, Chocolate and Child Slavery

AFRICANGLOBE - For many, Christmas is upon us once again. And like every other year chocolate will be sold in vast quantities. But unbeknownst to most consumers, some of the chocolate they buy will have partly been the product of slavery and child labour in West Africa.

Hershey’s Sued For Unlawful Child Labour Practices In Africa

A day after Halloween – when candy sales and chocolate consumption are at their highest levels, particularly among children – a public pension fund,...

Intra-African Trade Is Possible, But…

AFRICANGLOBE - This explains the reason why intra-African trade is currently difficult. We all have plenty of raw materials but we have no industries to process them. For decades, Ghana and Ivory Coast have been the leading producers of cocoa. Yet, as we continue to ship this precious material to the world market, no steps have been taken to establish the industries that will process the cocoa right here in Africa.