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The Root Of Black Landlessness In South Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - The ‘New South Africa’ or ‘Rainbow Nation’ is today a country of two nations: one is the extremely rich White settler minority and the other is the extremely poor African indigenous majority. All this thanks to a land law passed a hundred years ago.

A Must Read Article: President Mugabe Speaks On Mau Mau Victory

Africa rejoices in the victory of the Mau Mau victims of British colonial brutalities after a London Court gave them the green light to...

Kenya Govt Sponsors Mau Mau Torture Case Against Britain

The Kenyan government has pledged to meet the cost of prosecuting a court case in London where Kenyan freedom fighters have sued the British...

Released Papers Reveal Britain’s Attempts to Cover up Colonial Crimes

Britain's Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has released thousands of files it previously claimed were “lost” after Britain withdrew from its former colonies. The papers...