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Aboriginal Australians Win The Right To Sue For Colonial Land Loss

AFRICANGLOBE - The High Court of Australia has handed down the biggest "native title" ruling affecting Aboriginal ownership of the land in decades, amid claims that billions of dollars in compensation will need to be paid by governments to indigenous groups. "Native title" refers to the rights of Australia's indigenous people to their traditional land and water recognised by Australian common law.

New York Court Says No To Compensating Namibians For Genocide Committed...

AFRICANGLOBE - A New York federal court has dismissed a lawsuit by the Herero and Nama people seeking compensation from Germany for the genocide of their ancestors in what is now Namibia.

Ethiopians Celebrate The Battle Of Adwa, Call For Unity

AFRICANGLOBE - Bedecked in lion mane collars, warriors’ headdresses and military fatigues, thousands of Ethiopians descended on Addis Ababa’s main squares to celebrate the anniversary of the Battle of Adwa – one of Ethiopia’s finest hours in the battlefield. It was in the northern town of Adwa 123 years ago that poorly-armed Ethiopians – clad in such attire – routed an Italian force that sought to expand Rome’s fledgling 19th century colonial empire.

Court Orders Britain To Return Stolen Island To Its Former African...

AFRICANGLOBE - Britain should end its control of the Chagos Islands in the Indian Ocean "as rapidly as possible", the UN's highest court has said.Mauritius claims it was forced to give up the islands - now a British overseas territory - in 1965 in exchange for independence, which it gained in 1968.

African Leaders Plan Mass Withdrawal From International Criminal Court

AFRICANGLOBE - African leaders have adopted a strategy calling for a collective withdrawal from the international criminal court. The non-binding decision came behind closed doors near the end of an African Union summit. It was the latest expression of impatience by African leaders with the court.

Europe’s Forgotten ‘Hitler’ Killed Over 10 Million Africans

AFRICANGLOBE - It seems that when you kill ten million Africans — you aren’t called ‘Hitler’, your name never comes to symbolize the living incarnation of evil, and your picture doesn’t produce fear, hatred, and sorrow — rather your crimes are simply swept under the historical rug and the victims of colonialism/imperialism remain forever voiceless.

The Roots Of European Racism Lie In The Slave Trade, Colonialism

AFRICANGLOBE - Long asserted that Africa was so barbaric and chaotic that Africans were better off as slaves, since slavery saved them from the worse fates that, he claimed, would otherwise have consumed them in their homelands.

Europe’s Forgotten History: From “Human Zoos” To “Human Trophies” Displayed In...

AFRICANGLOBE - One example of the rather grim history of colonial racial terrorism is the long European history of human zoos, which featured Africans and conquered indigenous peoples, displayed in the same way as animals. Men, women and children would be kidnapped, locked up in cages and exhibited in front of European large audiences. Many people died after short stints in captivity and they lived in tortuous conditions. Visitors to the human zoos would often poke the African children with sticks, throw food at them and audiences were permitted to subject the captives to various degrading acts for a fee.

The Tragedy After European Colonialism

AFRICANGLOBE - Many people expected great things from Africa when new independent African nations began to emerge from colonial rule in the 1960s, often headed by leaders who had been educated in Europe and America.

The New Fight Over Who Owns the Earth

AFRICANGLOBE - In his recent book, Fred Pearce examines the dynamics behind large-scale land acquisitions and their social, environmental and developmental effects. "Buy land. They...

A Must Read Article: President Mugabe Speaks On Mau Mau Victory

Africa rejoices in the victory of the Mau Mau victims of British colonial brutalities after a London Court gave them the green light to...

Are Accusation of a ‘New Colonialism’ by China in Africa Unfair?

The so-called "new colonialism" allegation that China has exploited Africa's resources is unfair, given that China has made great efforts to help the continent's...

Africa in the Shadow of Colonialism

AFRICANGLOBE - All over the world and all over history, colonialism has always generated a lot of contentions and confusions. Some political and moral...

12 Reasons Why Africans Are Poor, Miserable And Pitiable (6of12) Pt...

AFRICANGLOBE - The lack of willpower to act and free ourselves from poverty and underdevelopment is the number six reason why Africans are poor, miserable and pitiable.

Fight Over Africa Mounts Between U.S. and China:Chinese Response to Hillary...

The US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned Africa on Friday that China is embarking on "new colonialism" by extracting the continent's natural resources to enrich its development interests, and she held up the United States as an alternative.