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Celebrating Columbus Day Is Worse Than Honoring Members Of ISIS

AFRICANGLOBE - The celebration of Christopher Columbus will always be a celebration of violence, rape, and slavery. At some point, America must find a way to discontinue the holiday which is named after a horrific man. His holiday was initially sponsored by a Catholic organization that convinced President Franklin Roosevelt to sign Columbus Day into law in 1934. Columbus was given credit for "discovering" America and viewed as a hero to students who were not given the truth about his atrocious actions. Here are several reasons why celebrating Columbus Day is worse than honoring a member of ISIS.

Christopher Columbus From An African Perspective

AFRICANGLOBE - In October every second week on Monday, Columbus Day is celebrated in western culture in general and in the America's specifically. Unfortunately, most people celebrate his holiday without knowing the truth about Columbus's purpose for taking such risky voyages, and his horrendous behavior against the indigenous population, together with brutality against his own men.

Black Minister “Honored” to be Columbus Day Grand Marshal

In what may be a nationwide first, a black minister has been chosen to be grand marshal of the Columbus Day parade in the...