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Businesswoman Sees Opportunity In Natural Hair Movement

AFRICANGLOBE - These days there is a natural hair movement sweeping all the way from the US to Africa. Think of Oscar winning actress Lupita Nyong’o, Nigerian author Chimamanda Adichie, South African musician Lira or Kenya’s first lady Margaret Kenyatta and her Ugandan counterpart Janet Museveni. On the streets and in the media, more and more Black women are flaunting the natural hair look.

Chris Rock Takes Selfies Documenting His Recent Harassment By The NYPD

AFRICANGLOBE - America is waking up to the reality of a militarized police force that often operates as armed revenue collectors and simple thugs for the ruling elite. Police across the nation are under intense scrutiny as incidents of police corruption, excessive violence and killing, and a pandemic of sexual assaults by officers have begun to penetrate the mainstream consciousness.

The War On Drugs is Ruining Black Lives

In a 1996 routine that makes prolific use of a potent racial epithet - and not in a way that can be called endearing...