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Zimbabwe: Minister To Remove Corrupt White Farmers

AFRICANGLOBE - "By end of January, I should be taking action together with the Provincial Lands Committee to quickly bring to sanity the issue of white farmers who have remained on gazetted land through unsanctioned and corrupt linkages," he said.

Some Zimbabweans Now Giving Their Land Back To White Farmers

AFRICANGLOBE - One would never have thought that with the hatred that Zimbabweans showed the white farmers for occupying and resisting eviction from the farms, any sane African farmer would have the courage to rent out the land to white former commercial farmers again.

Zimbabwe Gives Remaining White Farmers Ultimatum

AFRICANGLOBE - White farmers in Mashonaland West said they were last week ordered by Zanu PF to vacate African land by May 15 this year or risk unspecified action. The farmers claim that officials issued the ultimatum last Friday at Chinhoyi Training Centre at a meeting attended by at least 50 commercial farmers.

Evicted White Settler Farmers Barking Up Wrong Tree in Zimbabwe

AFRICANGLOBE - Former White commercial farmers should desist from demonising President Mugabe and blaming him for their failure to receive compensation during the land reform programme, the chief executive officer of the Zimbabwe Mining, Agriculture, Residential and Tourism Trust, Mr David Mutingwende, has said.

White Farmers Refuse to Vacate Zimbabwean Land

AFRICANGLOBE - A total of 210 White commercial farmers are under prosecution throughout Zimbabwe for refusing to vacate farms gazetted for redistribution to landless...