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Dutch Farmers Sue Zimbabwean Govt After Losing Their Stolen Land

A group of Dutch farmers who were forced off "their land" in Zimbabwe has launched a campaign to force Harare to pay them compensation. The...

North Carolina Denies Compensation to Black Women Illegally Sterilized

The North Carolina Senate rejected a plan to compensate victims of a mass sterilization plan that targeted mostly poor minorities for decades in the...

Paltry Compensation For Women Sterilised Against Their Will

Black women sterilised against their will under a secret US state programme could be paid $50,000 compensation, according to reports. A government task force in North Carolina has allegedly agreed to the ruling, making them the first state to compensate victims of a controversial public health practice called eugenics, a mass sterilisation programme that targeted poor African Americans.

U.S. Drug Company Pfizer Compensates Nigerian Victims Of Its Experiments

AFRICANGOBE - United States-based pharmaceutical company, Pfizer, has paid $175,000 to each of the four families of victims of its drug trial in Kano 15 years ago.

Shell Faces Massive Penalty for Nigerian Oil Spills

Royal Dutch Shell faces having to pay compensation of potentially more than N62.5 billion ( $410 million) after it admitted liability for the two spills in Ogoniland, Nigeria following a legal claim brought in the United Kingdom.

Mau Mau War Veterans Win First Round in UK Compensation Claim

Mau Mau freedom fighters edged closer to having their compensation case heard after a British High Court judge ruled Thursday that four elderly Kenyans who were brutalised as the UK army crushed the revolt have an arguable case.