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High Court Rules Israel’s Detention Of Africans Illegal And Must Stop

AFRICANGLOBE - Israel's High Court of Justice ordered the state on Monday to close the Holot concentration camp for African refugees within 90 days, a dramatic decision that marked the first time the court has ever struck down two versions of the same law. Justice Uzi Vogelman, who wrote the majority ruling, termed conditions at Holot “wretched” and said the court was justified in overturning a law enacted by the Knesset for the second time because the legislation “violates human rights in an essential, deep and fundamental way.”

Retaliation?: Israeli Security In Vicious Attack On Africans

AFRICANGLOBE - "Israel trampled our rights; we are desperate and therefore intend to return to Sinai and Egypt, even if it would risk our lives. We are ready to die, since we have nothing left,"

How Britain Cleansed Archives Relating To Colonial Crimes In Kenya

AFRICANGLOBE - Secret documents recently released reveal the full extent to which Britain systematically destroyed files relating to colonial crimes committed in the final years of the British empire. Files published by Britain's National Archives at Kew tell how administration staff in Kenya, Uganda and Malaya ‘cleansed’ so-called dirty documents.