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President Mugabe Urges Africa To Be Wary Of West

AFRICANGLOBE - Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has accused Western countries of starting conflicts in Africa and the Middle East because of their lust for vast resources in the region. "There are those who grudge us because of what God has given us. They wish our oil was theirs. They cause war where there is peace," Mugabe told African presidents and diplomats at the African Union summit in the South African city of Johannesburg on Sunday.

Europeans Financing Conflicts In Africa In Order To Plunder It’s Resources

AFRICANGLOBE - President Mugabe has told heads of intelligence services in Africa that scores of brutal conflicts on the continent are bankrolled by Europeans whose motive is to plunder Africa's mineral resources.

 President Mugabe said Africa's vast reserves of untapped minerals and the global recession had triggered a new scramble for Africa

Multi-Party Democracy In Africa A Tool That Serves Imperialist Interests

AFRICANGLOBE - For the past 15 years, the most dangerous and most frequent cause of conflicts, divisions and wars in many peaceful African countries have not been as a result of tribalism nor ethnic divide as the media would have us believe.