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Who Will The DRC’s Grand Inga Dam Benefit?

AFRICANGLOBE - The proposed Grand Inga Dam would produce 40,000 megawatts (MW) of electricity, roughly twice the capacity of China’s Three Gorges Dam and equal to the entire installed generation capacity of South Africa. The dam and its distribution network are expected to require $80-billion in funding.

Can DR Congo’s Inga Dam Project Power Africa?

AFRICANGLOBE - The roaring waters of the Congo River have the power to light up much of Africa - such is its huge hydroelectric potential. It has been a long-held continental dream to harness this renewable energy, but given the Democratic Republic of Congo's chequered past, it seemed likely to remain just that. However, thanks to a recent deal signed by South Africa promising to buy electricity from a planned hydroelectric project, in eight years' time it may start to become a reality.