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This European Dog Is The Most Vile Creature To Have Ever...

AFRICANGLOBE - He was the leader of a European country. A head of state with an immense amount of power. And he oversaw one of the most vile genocides that the world has ever seen. Yet we’re not talking about Adolf Hitler here. In fact, there’s a very real chance that you’ve never even heard this tyrant’s name before. During his reign he was responsible for the slaughter of more than 10 million people. He turned a chunk of Africa into his own personal slave plantation and killing ground, where he ruled with an iron fist. Indeed, the crimes that were carried out in his name are enough to turn anyone’s stomach.

Five Facts About The Democratic Republic Of Congo

AFRICANGLOBE - The second largest country in Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo is blessed with oil, timber, diamonds and gold but cursed with violence, instability, graft and poverty. Here are five facts about DRC following the outcome of talks to defuse its latest crisis:

DR Congo: The World’s Richest Country With The World’s Poorest People

AFRICANGLOBE - The Democratic Republic of Congo sits on untapped, raw mineral ores worth $24 trillion — money that isn’t directly benefiting the people who live there. “Why are we living through hell in paradise?” Vital Kamerhe, a Congolese politician and leader of the Union for the Congolese Nation, asks in the film When Elephants Fight, which details how foreign interests have ravaged the Congo region. “That is the paradox of Congo.”

UN Deploys Troops, Helicopters To Back Congo Fight

AFRICANGLOBE - U.N. forces have deployed ground troops, attack helicopters and drones to support a campaign by Democratic Republic of Congo's army against armed group in the northeast of the country, the head of its U.N. peacekeeping mission said on Wednesday.

Widow Of Patrice Lumumba, Congo’s Independence Hero Dies

AFRICANGLOBE - Congo's government spokesman says the widow of Patrice Lumumba, the country's first prime minister whose assassination more than 50 years ago made him a liberation symbol worldwide, has died.

Congolese Engineers Develop Solar Powered “RoboCops”

AFRIICANGLOBE - There are RoboCops in Congo. Literally. In Kinshasa, the capital city of Congo, two large robots have replaced police officers in directing traffic and pedestrians. Standing 8 feet tall, the solar-powered robots are equipped with multiple cameras, opening the potential for monitoring traffic and issuing tickets.

Will There Be Peace At Last In The DRC?

AFRICANGLOBE - It appears to be mission accomplished for the South African troops fighting under the banner of the United Nations Intervention Force in the DRC. This weekend the leader of the M23 rebel movement called for a ceasefire. But how long will it last?

Congo: M23 Rebels On the Brink of Defeat

AFRICANGLOBE - Congolese government troops have entered the eastern border town of Bunagana as M23 rebels abandoned what was the last significant town they were holding.

As Africa Welcomes More Chinese Migrants, A New Wariness Sets In

Hundreds of thousands of Chinese men and women – as many as 1 million by some estimates, have left China for Africa. China has been investing heavily in Africa for more than a decade, and both China and its migrants are in what could be called a settling-in period as the story of a fast-growing Africa and a rising China unfolds.

Tension High In DR Congo as UN Brigade Prepares to Attack...

The planned offensive by the UN Intervention Brigade on M23 rebels in eastern DR Congo this week is raising fears of a humanitarian crisis. Aid workers have warned that the existing humanitarian crisis in the war-ravaged mineral rich eastern part of DRC could worsen if the UN hybrid force uses force to disarm the rebels, who have vowed to fight back if attacked

UN Intervention Brigade – End Game in the Congo?

The recent approval of two extraordinary measures to deal with the situation in the DR Congo by the UN Security Council, includes, an intervention brigade to take the offensive against militias groups, and the use of drones or unmanned aerial vehicles to provide reconnaissance of militia activity is being hailed by some as a potential turning point in the country's recent unhappy history.

Paul Kagame and the Fate of the Great Lakes Region

The tectonic plates in Africa's great lakes region appear to be shifting. This July Congo activists are marking a year since some European countries suspended aid money to Rwanda, following Kigali's continued support to warlords and militia gangs terrorising Congo's eastern provinces.

The Role of British MI6 In the Assassination of Patrice Lumumba

AFRICANGLOBE - It was not only Britain that sought the overthrow of Patrice Lumumba. Many people believe based upon U.S. foreign policy at the time as well as the subsequent release of formally classified documents, that the White House under Dwight D. Eisenhower engineered the plot against the Congolese patriot.

Belgian Member of Parliament Involved in Assassination Plot Against Congo’s President

AFRICANGLOBE - The Democratic Republic of Congo has foiled an assassination plot involving a Belgian lawmaker against President Joseph Kabila, the government says. Congolese Interior Minister Richard Muyej said on Friday that the plotters, Belgian doctor Jean-Pierre Kanku Mukendi and former Congolese police officer Isidore Madimba Mongombe, were nabbed in February in the capital Kinshasa, Reuters reported.

Congo: Peace Deal to Break Great Lakes’ Conflict Pattern

AFRICANGLOBE - A peace, security and cooperation framework agreement for the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and the Great Lakes region was signed in Ethiopia at the weekend raising hopes of a return to peace in the region. 

Don’t Write Off the Democratic Republic of Congo

AFRICANGLOBE - Despite headlines regularly highlighting conflict and crushing poverty in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Johnnie Carson, says there is reason to believe conditions in that globally strategic country can improve.