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Land, Dignity & Democracy – South Africa’s Constitution Does Allow For...

AFRICANGLOBE - Contrary to much of the bluster that often surrounds the issue of land, the South African Constitution does allow for expropriation and does not make land reform impossible.

Egyptian Army Plans to Suspend Constitution

AFRICANGLOBE - The Egyptian army has said it will suspend the constitution, dissolve parliament and force fresh elections if politicians cannot meet a looming deadline to resolve the country's political crisis.

The Real and Racist Origins of the Second Amendment

AFRICANGLOBE - The “well-regulated militia” that the US Constitution's second amendment refers to were slave patrols, land stealers and Indian killers, all quite necessary as the amendment's language states “to the security of a free state” built with stolen labor upon stolen land. Unless and until we acknowledge that history, we cannot have an honest discussion about gun control.

Zimbabwe: New Constitution, Fresh Elections, Parties in Disarray

AFRICANGLOBE - Two key dates loom in Zimbabwe's political calendar in the first half of 2013: a referendum on the tortuously negotiated new constitution and then national elections for the presidency and the parliament.

Egypt Now an Islamic State, Islamist Constitution Approved

AFRICANGLOBE - About 33 percent of all eligible voters cast their vote in Egypt's constitution referendum, head of the commission overseeing the referendum Judge Samir Abul Maati said on Tuesday.

Islamist Constitution ‘A Defeat for the Egyptian People’

AFRICANGLOBE - A majority of Egyptians backed a controversial charter in a two-round referendum, that deeply polarised the country and riled a secular-leaning opposition, ruling Islamists and official media said on Sunday. The Muslim Brotherhood, from which President Mohamed Morsi hails, and the official Al-Ahram newspaper reported that about 64 percent of votes cast were in favour of the new charter

Egyptians Plan ‘Last Warning March’ Against Islamist Constitution

AFRICANGLOBE - Liberal, leftist and socialist forces have called for a "Last Warning" march to Egypt's presidential palace on Tuesday against a draft constitution...

Egyptian Judges to Boycott Referendum on Islamist-Backed Constitution

AFRICANGLOBE - An influential group of Egyptian judges says it will not oversee a December 15 referendum on a new constitution, a move that...

No to ‘imperialist Constitution’ Says President Mugabe

President Robert Mugabe says the Zanu-PF party will NEVER accept an ‘imperialist Constitution’ or a Draft Constitution which has had input from the agents...

President Mugabe Disagrees With Jacob Zuma on New Draft Constitution

South African President Jacob Zuma says there are 'hitches' in Zimbabwe's inclusive government although progress has been in the implementation of a power sharing...

Somalia Assembly Approves New Constitution in Historic Vote

The overwhelming approval of a Provisional Constitution for Somalia by the representative body convened for that purpose - a key step toward ending the...

Zimbabwe Rejects Western Demand to Include Gay Rights in its Constitution

Zimbabwe has rejected a recommendation from some United Nations member states to include homosexuality as a human right in the country's Constitution, a Cabinet...

Haiti Approves New Constitution

A new constitution has been published in Haiti, giving some two million citizens living abroad the right to own land and run for public...

Coup Leaders Reinstate Constitution African Leaders Still Refuse to Help Mali

Capt. Amadou Haya Sanogo, who led military officers that ousted Mali's highly unpopular President Amadou Toumani Toure last month and scrapped the nation's constitution...

Tsvangirai’s Party Trying to Smuggle “Gay Rights” Into Zimbabwe’s Constitution

COPAC has thrown out MDC-T’s bid to smuggle homosexuality into the new constitution under the guise of protecting minority rights. Sources who attended a Select Committee meeting last week accused MDC-T’s Copac co-chairperson Douglas Mwonzora and spokesperson Jessie Majome of seeking to have gay rights included under the guise of minority rights.

Illegal Sanctions Delay Zimbabwe's New Constitution

The constitution-making process in Zimbabwe is being derailed by the existence of the unjustified sanctions imposed on the country by Britain the U.S. and the European Union, a senior Zanu-PF official has said.