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VIDEO: The Difference Between A Black Man And A White Man...

AFRICANGLOBE - In a fascinating (and dangerous!) experiment, two men legally exercise their constitutional rights and open carry the exact same gun- an AR-15. One of the men is white, while the other is Black. The difference in reactions from the police is absolutely astonishing.

West Memphis NAACP Wants Black Families To Arm Themselves

AFRICANGLOBE - “Law enforcement has to understand, you cannot do what you please when you see us,” Crittenden County NAACP head, Shabaka Afrika said in a news conference. He feels Black families should exercise their Second Amendment rights and arm themselves.

NAACP Endorses Gay Marriage

Most Blacks do not support gay marriageIn a move that some called disturbing, America's oldest civil rights group voted Saturday to endorse gay marriage. The Jewish...