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Africa’s Thriving Middle Class Offers Opportunities To Investors

AFRICANGLOBE - Africa's burgeoning middle class is providing a boost to demand for consumer goods, and is offering attractive investment opportunities for investors, says financial services firm KPMG.

Africa’s Retail Industry Spending To Hit $1.3 Trillion By 2030

AFRICANGLOBE - In recent times, the retail industry in Africa – Nigeria in particular – has seen tremendous growth, and its combined spending power has been said to reach an all time high of $1.3 trillion by 2030.

Middle Class ‘Key to Africa’s Growth’

AFRICANGLOBE - Abundant natural resources, the growing consumer power of an emerging middle class and a youthful population were among the continent's key development drivers, offering enormous potential for sustainable economic growth and development.

With Impressive Growth, Half Of Africa Now Middle Income

AFRICANGLOBE - Out of the all the countries in Africa, nearly half of them are considered middle-income countries based on the per capita income of their citizenry—a number that grows with each year as the African continent continues to be the second fastest growing region in the world behind Asia.